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Holding the Ontenna Exhibition: Feeling is the Future
Exhibiting the latest Ontenna at Fujitsu Forum 2019
Free to Participate: A new sports spectator experience for normal-hearing and hearing-impaired people to enjoy together

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Story: School for the Deaf play

Ontenna interfaces with the user to allow them to physically experience sound

Ontenna is an all new kind of user interface that you clip in your hair or on your earlobe, collar, sleeve, etc., to experience the characteristics of sound through vibration and light.
This interface was developed in collaboration with hearing-impaired people to ensure a future that normal-hearing and hearing-impaired people can enjoy together.

How Ontenna Works

Ontenna converts 60 to 90 dB sounds into 256 levels of vibration and light to convey the characteristics of sound.
It converts the rumbling patterns of sound sources in real time to aid in perception of rhythms, patterns and volume levels.
A controller can be used to control multiple Ontenna units simultaneously.

<p>Experience volume and rhythm<br />in Simple Mode</p>

Experience volume and rhythm
in Simple Mode

<p>Experience the fun of keeping in time together<br />in Smart Mode</p>

Experience the fun of keeping in time together
in Smart Mode

<p>Experience sports and cultural events together<br />with everyone</p>

Experience sports and cultural events together
with everyone

Ontenna Start Guide play

The Future is Ontenna

Through Ontenna, we work toward a future where hearing-impaired and normal-hearing people
can enjoy all kinds of sports and cultural events together.

Story: Sports play